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"Where it's always Oscar season."

Two cinephiles. One mission. Every Best Picture nominee of the 21st century.

Jun 14, 2021

What was the best movie of 2002?

In this miniseries finale episode, Mike and Brian recap the year that was, rank the Academy's picks for Best Picture, kick the ones that don't belong and discuss their personal top 5s. Plus, trivia, Golden Takes and a tribute to Dermot Mulroney.

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Jun 10, 2021

After making two ensemble-casted epics about disease and downward spirals ("Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia"), director Paul Thomas Anderson turned left. The result: a colorful, cosmic romance starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson, one which he describes as a story about "finding your music."

In this episode, Mike and...

Jun 7, 2021

What makes a masterpiece?

Mike is joined in studio this episode by special guest co-host Joey Santos (Ask Flagler), to break down director Martin Scorsese's 2002 American immigration-revenge-crime-history (phew) epic, "Gangs of New York," starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio, which earned a whopping 10...

May 31, 2021

The Oscars love Holocaust movies — so what does that tell us about how we consume historical dramas?

Is it possible to separate the art from the artist?

And how does violence/obscenity in movies dull — or sharpen — our life experience?

Mike and Brian's conversation veers into unexpected places this episode, in...

May 10, 2021

Do musicals have the power to spark intellectual revelations?

Is that even their aim?

Mike and Brian wrestle with the genre by exploring the impact of director Rob Marshall's debut, "Chicago," which won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2002 and stars Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones and John C....